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A Super Senior Memory

Seniors are the lifeline from the past into the future. The life experiences of older persons are the central theme in John Leslie's books. His audience is huge. There are so many seniors living that they are now categorized as "young old," "old," and "old old."

Seniors, especially those 65 years old and older, are rapidly becoming the dominant group in our society. Their life experiences have equipped them to guide the rest of us into the next generation's innovations. They will keep us on an even keel as we progress into a new, magnificent world. 

Accepting the responsibilities of aging requires seniors to be mentally sharp up to the day they die. However, some of us need help remembering past and present. Memory professionals know how to keep memories alive; they have the methodology needed to insure memories are always available when needed. John Leslie has made their techniques understandable and usable for the rest of us. 

This book, written in conversational English, will enable seniors to choose from many memory options the ones that best suit their personal style. 

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Aging Memory 

This book dispels the myth that there is an end to learning and recollection. It stresses a proven fact that acquiring knowledge and remembering it can go on forever. At any age, barring illness, we can tackle just about any mental task we want to. This book describes ways to insure events of the past and present are not forgotten.

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What Do I Do Now?

THIS IS A LOVE STORY. Many happy moments preceded a couple’s losing struggle with disease. Following the arrival of an illness that could not be cured, there is watchful waiting, followed by loving care, and, finally, acceptance that death is inevitable. Then there’s death itself. Trauma, grief, and depression follow. Waiting in the wings and then coming in without an invitation are remorse and unnecessary guilt. The death of a longtime companion ends a happy partnership. It’s not something that can be prepared for, even though it is anticipated. This love story has no ending. The path to recovery is painful and takes a long time. Friends, therapy, hard work, prayer, and luckall have their place in the journey. That new love is possible is a pleasant surprise, sometimes not sought after, and sometimes wanted but impossible to find. Every now and then, there’s a happy ending. This is that story.

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Preparing for the End of Life

As we grow older, seniors recognize (perhaps grudgingly) that life isn't as it used to be. We know we're aging. Our physical shapes certainly aren't what they were 40 or 50 years ago. We've "spread out" and "settled." Our minds are "different." We've discovered reminiscing is a great pastime. It's so much fun some of us delight in telling the same story over and over. 

We know the ins and outs of Medicare. We take lots of pills. We ache. We're slower. We nap. We get pleasure from talking about our illnesses and our doctors. We go to lots of funerals of dear friends. 

Our experiences give us wisdom that is sought after by many and offered to some who do not want it. Face it. We're getting old. But we're not dead yet and there are a lot of things to be done before we die! And we still want to be in charge.

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Words: Some Wise....Some Otherwise

This book is both entertaining and educational. It will make you glad at where you are in life and compassionate for those less fortunate. You will also see illustrations that say as much as a full page of words. It's art that will fill you with awe and wonder. 

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John Leslie's Little Book of Toasts

John Leslie's Little Book of Toasts, Do you need to give a toasts for that special occasion? This will help. This book is 90 pages of toasts to cover every event where a toast is needed and will fit in a pocket or purse. And it is just fun to read.

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