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Meet John Leslie, an advocate for Seniors

John Leslie writes and advocates for aging seniors, encouraging older Americans to remain mentally sharp to the day they die. His books and lectures concentrate on end-of-life issues, ways surviving companions can adapt to life after death, contemporary morality issues, the joys of change, the continuing expansion of knowledge, and ways to memorialize life's ending. He is adapting memory training to enable seniors to easily acquire knowledge, remember the past, and actively participate in life's affairs into old age. Seniors are rapidly becoming the dominant group in society (he categorizes senior living into activities for the "young old," "old," and "old old"). Accepting the responsibilities of aging requires seniors to be mentally sharp up to the day they die. Their knowledge and life experiences have equipped them to guide the rest us into the next generation’s innovations, and keep us on an even keel as we progress into a new, magnificent world. The methodologies he uses are intended to insure memories and knowledge are always available when needed.

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